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Meet Our Team

Jes Allan

Managing Director and SEN Consultant

My name is Jes, I am the Managing Director and Founder of Succeeding with SEN. I set up Succeeding with SEN in November 2020, after previously working as an SEN Officer for 3+ years. I have worked in SEN since 2010 and am passionate about making sure every child has what they need to flourish in their education. My own lived experience, as well as those close to me, has been a consistent motivator for me and fuelled my passion for this work. When I'm not working, I love to go climbing with my partner and friends, or spend time with my family. I love spending time in nature and finding new adventures!

Jes A 2.jpg

Sarah Doyle

SEN Consultant

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a Special Educational Needs consultant at Succeeding with SEN. I have worked in early education for over 25 years, most of these as a SENCo and SEN advisor, in both mainstream and specialist provision. My professional experience, and my personal experience as a proud parent to an Autistic son, has enabled to me to be clear on my goal of ensuring inclusive, equitable and positive education for all children and young people. Following my own difficulty in obtaining an EHCP for my son, I specialised in this area to support as many families as possible, including completing SEND law training. When I am not working and reading up on SEN case law (!), I enjoy walking and being outdoors with my energetic boys.

Sarah D_edited.jpg

Jo Marsden

SEN Consultant

Hi, my name is Jo and I am a Special Educational Needs consultant at Succeeding with SEN.  I have worked in education for 23 years, originally as a Primary school teacher and most recently as an Assistant Head Teacher, SENDCo and Inclusion Lead.  I have worked hard to ensure inclusive environments are a focus for schools.  My passion has always been to help children and young people access education ensuring they feel supported and cared for in their journey through education.  Supporting families of children with SEND has been a huge part of my career and I am passionate about helping all children to thrive and be successful. When I am not working I spend time with my husband and two teenage girls,  exercising in the gym and walking in the Surrey hills.

Jo M 2.jpg

Amanda Fox

SEN Consultant

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am a Special Educational Needs Consultant at Succeeding with SEN.  I am in my third decade of working within education, as an early years and primary teacher and SENDCo. I have also worked as an EHC Co-ordinator and within Medical Tuition with children too unwell to attend school, sometimes with EBSA. I am passionate about helping children access education with the correctly tailored provision in place. When I am not working, I am usually studying, at the gym or taking my hordes of children around the country to various different swimming pools!


Sammy Allaway

SEN Case Coordinator 

Hi, my name is Sammy and I'm a SEN Case Coordinator at Succeeding with SEN. This is my first time working in the industry, however, seeing the struggles my close family members have faced having a child with complex additional needs, without a school placement, has made me even more determined to help others who are fighting a similar battle. In my spare time, I love spending time with my sassy, 8 year old daughter who loves singing and dancing. I also like seeing family & friends, going for a nice pub lunch and enjoying the sunshine (when possible in the UK!!)

Sammy A.png

Milly Poulter

Business Development Manager

Hi, my name is Milly and I am the Business Development Manager at Succeeding with SEN. I have a passion for facilitating an inclusive and accessible learning environment for children. From coaching climbing, to managing a youth development scheme, my focus has always been on empowering youth and helping navigate any challenges along the way. When I’m not working, you’ll either find me outdoors, busy with a paintbrush or lost in a good book!

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